Coaching Assistant Course


This course is designed for people who intend to assist a head coach delivering to beginner players or for volunteers delivering tennis in rural/remote areas. The course is a continuation from Coaching Fundamentals covering teaching basic technique and applying key aspects of coaching to practical situations. The course enables coaches to deliver lessons to beginner players at Blue, Red, Orange and Green stages, and covers working with beginner adults. Coaches will gain an understanding of the characteristics of players at different stages of physical and mental development whilst connecting the technical and tactical components of tennis at these stages.


  • Responsibilities of a coach
  • Key Aspects of Coaching
    • The role of the coach
    • Player characteristics
    • Communication
    • Appropriate behaviour
    • Group Management
    • Coaching Safety (emotional and physical)
    • Coaching Methodology
    • Learning styles
    • Coaching Methods (Technique-centred, Game centred, combination)
    • Coaching styles (Direct, Indirect, Combination)
    • Feeding
  • Blue, Red, Orange and Green Stage Tennis
  • Tennis Hot Shots Competitions
  • Cardio Tennis experience

Recommended for:           
Experienced players and coaching assistants aged 15 years and older

Minimum age:                  
15 years (14 year olds will be considered on a case by case basis) with endorsement from the applicant’s Head Coach)

21 hours

Completion of the Coaching Fundamentals online course

$300 which includes course materials and tuition. Coaching Assistants who work with a Tennis NZ programmes registered coach will receive a $100 subsidy, bringing the course fee to $200.

Career outcomes           
Assistant coach / volunteer coach / in school Hot Shots coaching*

These coaches are responsible for supporting the delivery of Tennis Hot Shots sessions and programmes for players aged 4-12 years.

Next Step:    

Junior Development Coach Qualification

* To deliver Hot Shots coaching, the coach must work alongside a Tennis NZ Programmes Registered Coach

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