Coach Register

What is the Coach Register?

The Coach Register contains all of the information that drives our new Find a Coach tool.  It promotes New Zealand based coaches who meet current international qualification, safeguarding, legal and ethical standards and professionalism. It is a way to provide Clubs and the wider public assurance that those who operate as coaches in our sport meet certain standards and are endorsed by both Tennis NZ and the wider International Tennis Federation. 

Being registered is a key piece to ensuring we as a sport are providing not only a safe and trusted environment but that quality learning and development experiences can be had by those who connect with our coaching network.

The Coach Register displays a coach’s current qualification, if they are National Programmes registered, their Police Vetting Status, and if they have signed the Coaches Code of Ethics. They are displayed by Highest Qualification and then Last Name. This register provides anyone who needs it, the key information they may need in deciding who to engage as a coach.

What is required to be on the coach register?

  • Attend a Tennis NZ Coach Education course that is recognised by the International Tennis Federation (Coaching Assistant and above)
  • Complete all competency-based assessment tasks associated with the course
  • Learn more about Tennis NZ Course & Qualification opportunities HERE


  • If you have a Historical Qualification or an International Qualification not recognised by the International Tennis Federation, then you will either need to complete a current Tennis NZ course or completed the Recognition Of Current Competence process.
  • View the Tennis NZ Coach Education Course calendar HERE 
  • LEARN MORE about the Recognition of current competence process 

Please complete and agree to the Coaches Code of Ethics to update any of your information that may be out of date. These changes will be revised in the Coach Register and displayed in the Find a Coach tool. 

Contact with any questions.


If you have a question about the Coach Register/Find a Coach tool that is not currently in the FAQs below, please email and we will look into adding it to the list.  

There could be a number of reasons you are not currently displayed on the National Register and we want to help you get there. 

It could be that you have not yet completed a Coaching course, or that your current qualification has not been recognized. 

For any help or information with courses or getting your qualification recognized you can contact:

You have time to get this process started and to get yourself registered, so reach out and let us help you.

Also, have a look at our current Coaching Course options and calendar here.  

Historical Qualification refers to any qualification that was delivered by Tennis Coaches NZ/Tennis NZ prior to the implementation of our current education system. Historical Tennis Coaches NZ/Tennis NZ qualifications are not recognised by the International Tennis Federation (ITF). The ITF will only recognise a level 1 course that has a minimum of 88 contact hours with a trained coach developer. Our current Junior Development Coach course is 128 Hours with a coach developer, the highest level historical qualification, TCNZ Competition Coach, was 26 tutor contact hours.

View our current coaching course and qualification opportunities here