Coach Register - Find a Coach


  • ITF3 - High Performance Coach
  • ITF2 - Club Professional Coach
  • ITF2 - International Equivilent
  • ITF1 - Junior Development Coach
  • ITF1 - International Equivalent
  • Coaching Assistant

  • Man
  • Woman
  • Non-Binary

  • Cardio Tennis
  • Tennis Xpress
  • Hot Shots Coaching

  • Safeguarding
  • Police Vetted
  • First Aid
  • Insured
  • Code

Coach education pathway information

What is required to be on the coach register?

  • Attend a Tennis NZ Coach Education course that is recognised by the International Tennis Federation (Coaching Assistant and above)
  • Complete all competency-based assessment tasks associated with the course.
  • Learn more about Tennis NZ Course & Qualification opportunities HERE


  • If you have a Historical Qualification or an International Qualification not recognised by the International Tennis Federation, then you will either need to complete a current Tennis NZ course or completed the Recognition Of Current Competence process.
  • View the Tennis NZ Coach Education Course calendar HERE
  • LEARN MORE about the Recognition of current competence process


Please complete and agree to the Coaches Code of Ethics to update any of your information that may be out of date. These changes will be reflected in the Find a Coach listing.  Please contact with any questions.