Contact Tracing link for clubs

Version 1 of the online contact tracing register was designed for bubble play only so we’ve developed it further and made some improvements from feedback from some of the ~75 clubs that used it at Level 3.  The Formstack URL used for level 3 tracing will be obsolete as of 14 May.  

The Contact Tracing tool for Level 2 is now live at which will redirect automatically to

There is a ‘Remember Me’ tick box on the new form so a person should only have to select their venue and enter details once.  However Clubs can also create a custom URL by adding their venue name to the URL like this  

This will preselect your club name in the form.  Venue needs to be spelt exactly as it is on the Where to Play page at  Replacing each space with %20 will ensure the URL is not truncated incorrectly.  Also see below about creating a QR bar code.

How to opt in your club to use the tracing tool.  (clubs who used the tool for Level 3 have been opted in already)

  • Login to Promato at and take menu option Club Info.
  • Tick the COVID Contact Tracing tick box then click Update.
  • All clubs have a Promato login regardless of whether they use the system for membership management or not. Contact if you need a password reset.
  • It would be greatly appreciated if you could also edit your Club Info and Coach Census data while you are in Promato.  It is at times like these that accurate contact data is vital.

A monitoring function is also available in Promato that enables you to list all check ins at your venue in real time.   See menu COVID Tracing.  Please do a crosscheck with any other booking system you are using to ensure members are checking in responsibly.

QR codes

A nice idea is to generate a QR code for the club gate or website.  This is like a bar code that anyone can scan with their phone's camera and then go straight to the Checkin web page. 

You can generate a free QR code for your custom URL at

There is no need to sign up if you just use the download the jpg option.  

Here is the QR code for 


Download this ready made  QR code check in page