About Tennis NZ

OUR VISION: Tennis - Accessible and Thriving

In order to achieve our vision, we will collectively pursue the outcomes and
strategies in three key areas: Enable, Win and Secure.
To achieve these outcomes, there must be alignment in the tennis
community to ensure our sport is successful, strong and vibrant.


Our Mission: Building Community Through Tennis

Our Objectives

Tennis New Zealand, working collectively with the tennis community, aims to achieve the outcomes described below. All of our work and monitoring of progress will be designed around fulfilment of these objectives.

Tennis Accessible and thriving

For more information please read our Strategic Framework for Tennis in New Zealand 2017-2022 document.


Tennis NZ's head office is based at the Millennium Institute of Sport and Health, 17 Antares Place, Mairangi Bay, Auckland. Click here for details of Tennis NZ staff.


The Tennis NZ Board comprises eight members. There are four elected members and four appointed independent members of the Board. The Board has a great representation of a wide range of skills including governance, law, finance, marketing and of course, tennis. Click here to view the Tennis NZ Board members.